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Sell worlds finest chocolate

World's Finest Chocolate

Fun Chocolate Fact: In 2011, World’s Finest Chocolate broke the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest candy bar. You can bet that this candy bar weighing 12,000 lbs. and measuring 3 feet tall by 21 feet long won’t be going in anyone’s Christmas stocking.

Poppin Pack Outlined - King Fundraising

Poppin Popcorn

Fun Popcorn Fact: Some popcorn companies refer to the unpopped kernels in the bottom of a bowl of popcorn as “Old Maids.” At $2 or $3 per bag, you won’t find any “Old Maids” in our popcorn because it sells so fast.

Indulgence Collection Fundraising Brochure 2022

Classic Cookie Dough

Fun Cookie Dough Fact: What happens when you bake a small amount of cake batter? You get a cookie. In the 7th century, a dab of cake batter was used to test the temperature in an oven. What resulted was the first historic record of the cookie.